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Professional Evolution

Known from the book The Professional Agile Leader by Ron Eringa, Kurt Bittner and Laurens Bonnema.

Our mission is to help teams discover opportunities to grow by giving insights in the professional skills of people.

Backed up by a network of professionals, there is a growing variety of possibilities for questionnaires, assessments and exams available.

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Teamwork is more important than ever..

While more and more organizations are organized around teams of professionals to make great impact and deliver value, it is also incredibly important to continuously improve soft skills, behavior, and mindset.

Gaining insights on those capabilities and areas of improvement, can drastically improve the ability of a team to deliver value, and find more pleasure in doing so as a team.

Evolutionary Insights gives teams insights in their team dynamics and provides clear, meaningful reports with actionable information in areas where possible improvements can be made.

How Evolutionary Insights helps

  • Teams
  • Organizations
  • Individuals

For teams

Gain insights in your team dynamics with

  • Various team assessments
  • 360 degree feedback

Giving you insights and actionable information

We provide a user-friendly platform for professional questionnaires, assessments and feedback tools, used to gain insights in the professional evolution of indiviuals, teams and organizations.

Our tools provide actionable information along with metrics, common pitfalls and conversation starters for improving team collaboration.

Backed up by a network of professional organizations and experts in the field of leadership, professional development, team dynamics and organizational development, there is a growing variety of possibilities for questionnaires, assessments and exams that are available.

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