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Evolutionary Insights

8 months ago

Driven by the curiosity of people and the need to spark that curiosity by making it easy for everybody to gain insights on their evolution as a team and as an individual, we created Evolutionary Insights.

Our mission is to give insights in the professional skills of people and to help discover opportunities to grow.

Evolutionary Insights is a platform that helps you to gain insights in the professional and personal evolution of your team or yourself by purpose-built assessments that our publishing expert partners publish on our platform. These assessment result in detailed, insightful reports that also contain an explanation and advice from experts on possible next steps.

We are proud to release the first assessment on our platform: Team Insights by our launching publisher Evolutionary Leadership!

About the Team Insights Assessment

The primary purpose of this report is to provide your team and its members insights in their team player capabilities. The outcome of this report can be used for explorative conversations about continuous growth on the individual and team level. It can be used as input for a retrospective or mentoring/coaching conversations, to discover possible areas for improvement.

Go ahead and start exploring with your team!

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